The 101st Place Giveaway!

In honor of reaching by 1000th page view, I’m having my first contest! In 101 Place You Gotta See Before You’re 12!, the 101st entry is “a really cool place you discover all on your own.”

Send us your family’s really cool place that you discovered all on your own and our team of judges (Ms. M and friends) will pick the one they think is the coolest.

The winner gets the whole 101 series, signed, sealed, and delivered!

To enter, just send a comment with a description of or a link to the cool place you discovered! We’ll announce the winner on Saturday!

UPDATE: Thanks to all the entries in our first contest! We’ll do another one next month. We’re big fans of sea turtles around here, so Shauna’s entry won us over. Please check back for more book giveaways!



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6 responses to “The 101st Place Giveaway!

  1. When I was little my family would go to Vermont and right near the Ben and Jerry’s factory we found a glass blowing studio where you could watch them work. It was amazing to see as a kid!

  2. My grandfather used to wake me up just before sunrise and we’d sit on the front stoop. I wasn’t too happy about the early awakening, but then I heard my first morning dove, coo-coo coo coo. I’ll never forget it! Then we’d go down to the end of the road to the ravine and quietly sit in a particular spot, waiting for the red fox to make an appearance. I began to think there was no fox, as my grandfather always told yarns and I’d made that walk to the end of the road a million times and never saw him. (My grandfather always seemed to manage a quick sighting though…) When I was older I could go on my own to explore the whole ravine, but grandpa came with me anyways, which made it much more fun.

  3. Though we are not the first family to discover it, our favorite family discovery is a black sand beach on the island of Hawaii. Sea turtles nest on this beach (what a wonder simply to stare at), and if you snorkel off the beach you will be swimming with sea turtles of all sizes, even babies. It is such an amazing experience that my kids will remember forever!

  4. Laurie Lamb

    Our gravel road turns into a clay road. This summer, under one of the small concrete bridges, my family discovered something that is rare to our area–a bank beaver’s dam. The dam is new and made mostly made of mud. We saw the paw prints of the beavers in the mud and also the remains of the trees the beavers had gnawed down. My children commented that the stumps looked like tiny sharpened pencil crayons sticking out of the ground. We bicycle to the beaver dam site frequently to see the progress made on the dam and hope to catch a glimpse of the beavers. It’s a great learning experience for all of us!

  5. It’s probably not a “discovery” but our family discovered Iowa’s county fairs. We love the State Fair, but it’s really expensive, it’s huge + it’s always super hot. The county fairs have just enough animals, just enough rides, way better homemade-y food. They offer $3 pints of ice cream – enough for the three of us to share. It’s inexpensive, it’s great fun & it’s awesome.

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