Vive la France!

The Bastille Day Waiter's Race in Washington, DC

Over in la belle France, it’s already Bastille Day, the day when the French celebrate le Republique. Being in Paris for Bastille Day has always been on my life list and I got within a few days of it once. Celebrating in any small way can be a good opportunity for kids to learn about French culture, language or history.

Bastille Day Waiter’s Races have become widespread even outside of France, so much so that there’s even an international web site called One of the biggest ones in the US is held in Washington, DC tomorrow, with champagne-carrying waiters storming Pennyslvania Ave. New Orleans is holding its First Annual French Market Waiter’s Race this coming weekend, plus a Bastille Day parade tomorrow.

Alors, the only Bastille Day event we have going on here in Asheville is one we won’t be able to attend, We’ll just have to make croque madams at home!

On the subject of the French Revolution, The Golden Hour is a great kids’ book that introduces kids to some of the real life participants in a very fictional and time travel kind of way. I’m also looking forward to Jennifer Donnelly’s new YA novel Revolution, which won’t be out till October.



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2 responses to “Vive la France!

  1. Joann, thank you for leaving a comment at my family’s website! We are really enjoying the books. The boys have added their Wish Lists to the back pages of the book. We are in Southern California right now and some of the places we’re visiting are inspired by one of the 101 places so we’ll have lots of new posts coming out over the next week or so.

    I’ll enjoy reading this blog as well.

    Take care,

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