Being Irish and a writer, I can’t help but acknowledge today as one of my favorite literary holidays (are there any others, actually?). On June 16, 1904 Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus wandered the streets of Dublin in the pages of James Joyce’s Ulysses, the first modern novel. I can’t claim to have ever finished the book (maybe when the kids grow up and my attention span expands again?), but love the tradition that’s grown up around it. Dubliners and Joyceans everywhere dress up in Edwardian clothes and read passages of the book, eat gorgonzola sandwiches and drink burgundy, and celebrate the written word.

We had the opportunity to be in Dublin a few years ago for Bloomsday and it was memorable. Kid-friendly? Not especially, but I think any kid can appreciate grown-ups standing in the street in costumes and making a scene. If you are in one of these areas where events are taking place, it is sure to be worth checking out.

I recently found out that Joyce did write a children’s book The Cat and The Devil. It looks hard-to-find, but maybe in a library. In the meantime, raise a glass for Joyce and the fact that books are still worth celebrating!


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