The Cloud Appreciation Society

Ever since Miss M was a baby, clouds have been kind of our fallback source of entertainment. They’re ever-changing. They’re big (important when trying to impress kids). They’re open to interpretation. And of course, they’re free. A lot of people have portable DVD players for long car trips. We have audio books (more on that topic later) and clouds. They’re a great source of distraction if things start to go south on during the ride (“Wait! Did you see that cloud? It looks like a dragon eating an anaconda!”). The Cloud Appreciation Society is a great site for cloudspotters young and old. The founder, the wonderfully British-named Gavin Pretor-Pinney, has written several guidebooks which are pretty and informative. The site has ‘cloud news’ and lets cloud lovers from around the globe share their cloud-inspired poetry, art, and photos, as well as chat about clouds. Just lovely.


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