The Wanderlists Observer: Tree Tunnels

When we come to a place in the road where the trees on either side lock arms over our heads, we call it a tree tunnel. They are a rare and wonderful occurrence, and we’ve even gone out of our way to see one (like the breathtaking one at Wormsloe Plantation outside of Savannah, Georgia, pictured above). There is something magical about these places, where the trees have conspired to create their own architectural elements: tunnels, cathedral ceilings, picture frames.

Even if there is nothing particularly special at the end of one (though often there is) there is a delightful sense of anticipation as you are going through one. One of us always shouts out “tree tunnel!” just so we know that everyone else is appreciating the same feeling. We absolutely hope one day to make it to the mother of all tree tunnels: Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. Watching out for tree tunnels or the slightly less dramatic “tree gateways” as Ms. M calls them, can make an ordinary car ride more adventurous. It’s also a great chance to talk about trees: how long it takes for them to get that big, what kind they are, and of course, to discuss what their personalities would be like if they were human.



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4 responses to “The Wanderlists Observer: Tree Tunnels

  1. I have a fond memory of a tree tunnel in Thailand… near Chiang Mai. My friend and I had a motorbike and we were heading to a village that did weaving. Someone had planted a lovely stand of trees along the road. It was magical! Thanks for the memories.

  2. Thanks for being my first poster, Stephanie! Ah, Chang Mai- it’s definitely on my wanderlist!

  3. Rob

    I love this! its all so magical. I am very curious. Where was the center picture taken? The one with the really tight tree tunnel.

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, I didn’t take that picture and I can’t remember where it was taken. I believe it was in Estonia or Latvia, although the trees look almost too tropical for there.

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