The Bird is The Word

Happy International Migratory Bird Day! What? You didn?t know? It’s always the second Saturday in May.  I love, love, love birds and am always interested in trying to get a closer look at them. If you haven’t already watched it, the gorgeous Winged Migration is a must see:

Stills from Winged Migration

It’s a real documentary, and so to keep my daughter interested during the voice-overs, I just did the classic up-play “Wow! That’s amazing! That is sooo beautiful! I can’t believe that!” At eight, she’s still young enough to catch that kind of enthusiasm.

We haven’t tried watching it with our three-year-old, but I’m going to see if we can track down a copy today in honor of IMBD.Going to see he sandhill crane migration at the North Platte River National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska is definitely in the top 100 of our Wanderlist. At peak migration times, half a million birds land in the same 1-imile radius.

Enjoy watching some birds today!


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